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The Story

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Very simply we love beer and dinosaurs!!


What started out as a love of drinking beer with friends, morphed into an unbridled passion into the world of craft beer and the vast number of breweries out there. Setting out on adventure for good beer became a weekly occurrence, obviously this led down a road to visit, try and experience all the breweries across the state, including visits to local Chicagoland breweries to a weekend away in the Quad Cities for a beer-cation.  You might say, this became an obsession but we to say prefer hobby.


A hobby that has led to the creation of the Blue Raptor Tap House.  A thought that got traction which turned into a reality.  Why not?  There are so many talented brewers out there that people need to experience. The goal of Blue Raptor Tap House is to bring as many flavors as possible to the area making it easy and fun for people to enjoy.


With a rotating tap schedule, the hazy IPA you taste today might be a different brewery's take tomorrow.  And expect the same with all the beers that are on tap.  Every beer will get its chance to shine.  Along with the beers on tap, there will be a plentiful selection of canned beer, seltzers and sours along with cocktails and wine in a can. You will find craft sodas plus other tasty non-alcoholic choices here. Blue Raptor strives to have something for everyone. 


Please join us in this adventure and find your new favorites at The Raptor.

304  Spruce Street 

South Elgin, IL 60177


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